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The Bloons series by Ninja Kiwi has been a huge hit amongst online game players and is now an instantly recognisable brand in the community. Some of the game available in this series include Bloons Spring Fling, Hot Air Bloon, and Even More Bloons. Lately though, the Bloons Tower Defense 4 has come out on top as the very best game and most popular in the series. In a world where every other game seems to be a tower defense one, this game does well to stand out from the crowd. There are many great tower defense games including Bubble Tanks TD, Desktop Tower Defense and Flash element, to name but a few of the hugely successful Arcade Games which we have been luck to spend hours on for free. Each of these games has garnered million of plays. So you can see why there has been a huge influx of cool games from this genre, with many developers vying to produce the next hit for those millions of people hungry to play a new innovative tower defense game. Bloons Tower Defense 5 is also being eagerly anticipated by fans of the series. Should you wish to have a break from the bloons themed games have abreak and try some Golf Games. Or go head and play some Paintball Games Online.

One of the many unique selling points of Bloons Tower Defense 5 is a fun factor which is conveyed with it colorful cartoon graphics. The fun is also provided with the omnipresent Monkey Mascot of the Bloons series. Like in Happy Wheels game, another thing which makes this game stand out from the crowd is the wide diversity of weapons. You can use surface to air missile launchers and planes which hover over the game map, amongst other power ups. The uniqueness of these weapons makes you eagerly plug away in order to save up to purchase something new, to see what marvels will be displayed before your very eyes! On Friv The game certainly doesn't disappoint in this respect, as with every new weapon you acquire seems to better the previous one. The only downside is that the large lavish graphics in this genre of game can make the game area seem a bit cramped when you progress to the later levels. Such is the popularity of this release, that ninja kiwi have been working hard to create the next installment. This latest offering allows you to play a few more levels and power ups, so you can enjoy the game all over again. You may also want to try you hand at some Fun Math Games. If you liked shooting some bubbles there are other Cool Shooting Games which may also be of interest to you!